Mia & Dom

Mia & Dom

Mia & Dom Re-Brand

Mia & Dom is a specialist cosmetics company, who hand make luxury, organic botanical products for pregnant women, new mums, babies, and those with sensitive skin.

Hub were approached to rebrand the company, from the original, created by Mia & Dom’s founder. The brief was to create a high-end, fresh look, not too cute or cartoony, which appealed to the target market of expectant or new mothers.

Branding. Packaging Design. Photography.

The Packaging

The packaging, front of pack, needed to convey 3 key messages; brand, primary use and key benefits of using it. This was made more challenging by the varying sizes and shapes of the bottles and tins which contained the products. The strategic use of coloured panels or tabs, a watercolour effect and a simple condensed typeface allowed us to break up the messages, to be easily understood across the entire product range.

The Brand Photography

The brand photography is a mixture of studio set-ups using key ingredients and shots taken on location in the grounds of Mia & Dom’s headquarters. The location photography takes advantage of the botanical setting to reinforce the product’s credentials as being natural and organic, as well as giving a playful and bright tone to the brand.