Leeds Galvanising

Leeds Galvanising

Leeds Galvanising & Powder Coating

Leeds Galvanising & Powder Coating is a family business based in Leeds that, over the past 26 years, has grown to become the largest galvanising and powder coating plant in the North of England.

Being the only company within 150 miles of Leeds offering galvanising and powder coating under one roof, they approached Hub to help them showcase their capability and facilities.

Photography. Video.


We sent two photographers down for the day to capture all aspects of the factory, from the galvanising tanks through to the new powder coating unit. Using quite a gritty style worked well to convey the industrial feel, while at the same time, the use of candid, close-up shots convey the concentration needed for what can be quite dangerous work. The mix of vivid green chemical baths and steam against the 100 year old backdrop made for some impressive results.


To really show the scale of the business, Hub suggested producing a series of films, that would really give viewers a sense of the sheer scale of the operation. We produced a 120 sec edit for use on the website, with voice to camera, a 30 second cut down version; then we produced two 10 second teaser edits for galvanising and powder coating.