Euro Shopper

Euro Shopper

Boosting shelf appeal

With big brands fighting back against own label, aggressively using discounted and promotional sales, Euro Shopper were keen to assure consumers there's more to its products than just great value. We were tasked with finding a way of improving shelf standout as well as highlighting the products themselves.

Inspired by insight

It’s often said that we shouldn’t judge a book by its cover. However, our research shows that over a third of consumers do exactly that; making a direct correlation between pack design and contents.

After speaking to consumers, store owners and a lot of shopping, we knew what to do. To maximize shelf appeal, designs would need to be striking, relatable and legible; so that’s where we started.


of consumers think that high-quality packaging reflects that the product inside is also of high quality.


of consumers think that unique designs make a product more appealing.


of consumers agree that text on food packaging is too small.


of consumers don't have time to look at on pack info in store.