Doncaster Council

A wonderfully life affirming project; we teamed up with Doncaster’s Mayor in supporting the town’s GCSE students to study hard and aim high for the future.

  • Branding
  • Design
  • Illustration
  • Print

Support in learning and good mental health

The Move on Move Up campaign was launched by the Mayor of Doncaster in response to feed-back from head teachers, parents, students and an obvious need to raise attainment at Key Stage 4. The Mayor wanted to inclusively support the learning and achievements of students across the borough and promote positive mental well-being.

Working toward a bright future

With lots of support already existing for students, the Move on Move Up brand had to be instrumental in signposting and pulling together these services and promoting new ones. It needed to be bold, flexible, inclusive and aspirational, to inspire hard work and allude to a bright, exciting future. And, to appeal to students and parents alike.

Dare to dream

Inclusivity was key for the client, who felt a photographic route could limit the mass appeal they were looking for, so we decided on a bold, graphical approach. We used a bright palette of colours, a strong, but playful typographic style to add emphasis to messages and simple, uplifting illustrations in support.