Getting to know… Marc Hudson

Getting to know… Marc Hudson

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01 March 2013

Marc has Joined Hub as an Account Manager to work on some Key Accounts across all of the disciplines we undertake at Hub. So why not spend a few minutes getting to know Marc;

Q – So Marc – how come you have a ‘c’ not a ‘k’ at the end of you name?
A – An interesting question, with a not so interesting answer and to be honest the story changes depending on which parent I ask and both stories have altered over time. I believe they were thinking of the name Marcus, but one of my parents wasn’t keen, so they went with Marc. I am kind of pleased about this as the next alternative was Brian! Not that there is any thing wrong with the name Brian. But, no! Couldn’t see my self as a Brian!

Q – Where were you previously earning a crust before coming to Hub?
A – I have spent my years in the printing industry and for the last seven years worked as a Studio Manager for a print and new media company. A move to Hub is slight side step from this but there is large cross over between the roles.

Q – What have you learnt (if anything!!) in your first few months at Hub?
A –  Wow! Time flies. I learnt that Hub is a really great place to work and everyone is full of energy and ideas. In terms of the role its self I guess I am learning the most within the media buying aspect of the role. I love learning new things. I am of the opinion that if you think there is nothing to learn you are going to stand still. I hope the dynamic nature of my work at Hub allows for plenty of opportunity for learning going forward.

Q – Any pets, kids or notable others?
A – No pets, really. Although I do have two little monkey’s at home! My two beautiful girls are called Sophia and Evie. They are amazing kids looked after through the week by my amazing and very beautiful partner Kelly. On a weekend the kids both keep me fit as I run around after them.

Q – If money was no object, and you did not have to work where would you be?
A – In the summer, up in Scotland, living my loch side house. Walking the mountains and taking in the wonderful views. In the winter using my New York Penthouse as my base I would enjoy travelling America and beyond with Niagara Falls, The Grand Canyon and Dubai being first on my list.

Q – Is there a team that you support – who and which sport?
A – I consider my self a Leeds fan, obviously! But don’t really follow the football much any more. When it comes to sport I am more into running and the gym. I also enjoy watching the mighty Leeds Rhino’s when I can.

Q  – Finally, give me your ultimate desert island disc?
A – So hard to pick just one! I am a big Noel Gallagher and Oasis fan. But if you are saying the ‘ultimate’ then I couldn’t be without ‘The Bends’ by Radiohead.

Well done Marc you have survived at Hub for the first few months, keep up the good work!