Where we work

Our Leeds-based office features three fantastic studios to meet your each and every business need.

Creative studio

We have a highly skilled team of in-house creative designers. With masses of experience and access to the best technology, our creative studio can help evolve your brand and realise your design vision. Whether you need digital, advertising, experiential, POS artwork, direct mail or brochures, we have all the tools and talent to launch your business in the right direction.

Photography studio

The Hub photography and video suite comprises of two main studios. Our 6,000sqft studio is perfect for room set photography and larger set ups for video and model photography. We also have a brand new second studio, which is the ideal space to capture closer in work, such as food photography, stop motion videos, fashion and still life. Our photography studio boasts changing rooms and hair & make up areas with comfortable waiting areas, as well as rooms fully equipped with screens and Wi-Fi to allow you to work alongside the shoot.

Print studio

No two days are ever the same in our print studio. One day we could be producing a single mock up for a packaging pitch: the next we could be folding, stitching and trimming a 12pp brochure. The print department is used as a service to our business and can handle everything from digital print to large format prints and retouching. Thanks to our experienced print manager and our plethora of equipment, we can deliver a quality service with a tight turnaround.